Design Pickle vs. Ossm.Design – A Definitive Answer

Design Pickle vs. Ossm.Design – A Definitive Answer


That’s how many results you get when you search for unlimited design services. 

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So it is safe to assume that there are lakhs of companies offering the service. 

But how many of them actually offer “unlimited” design service?

The reality is only a few of them do.

Behind the façade of unlimited creativity, they have cleverly devised caveats. 

Caveats that protect their interests. And prevent you from getting ‘unlimited’ ‘design’ or even the right ‘service’. 


1. Unlimited revisions? Not quite

Most design companies impose limitations on the number of revisions. Hence, hindering your ability to achieve the desired outcomes.


2. Out of scope excuses
Complex or time-consuming design requests conveniently fall “out of scope”. This way, they avoid additional resources. And you miss out on desired designs.


3. Slow turnaround times

Promise: Quick delivery.

Reality: Intentional delays in the design process.

The outcome: You receive deliverables later than expected. Thereby reducing the actual output.


4. Generic templates galore

Instead of crafting unique designs, numerous providers heavily rely on pre-made templates. 0% originality. 100% off-the-shelf designs.


5. Restricted file formats

Some companies withhold access to essential design files. Thus, effectively trapping you into relying solely on their services.


6. Inexperienced designers

Many companies give unlimited design projects to junior designers. This results in long turnaround time, subpar designers, and frustration.


The market of design companies proclaiming unlimited services is saturated. And you need to be vigilant and examine the fine print before choosing any company. 

Why am I telling you all this? 

That’s because with Ossm.Design, I have nothing to hide. 

We offer truly unlimited design services. 

You get unlimited designs. And a service that you deserve and desire.


Ossm.Design – The Truly Unlimited Design Company

Ossm.Design is a leading unlimited design subscription company.

Inspired by the wisdom of Rumi, I infuse Ossm.Design’s work with a deep appreciation for artistic expression and innovation. 

Rumi’s poetry speaks to the limitless potential within every individual. Similarly, Ossm.Design seeks to unleash the infinite possibilities of design

And we have: 

  • A dedicated team of talented designers,
  • The commitment to delivering exceptional results, 

With that, we ensure that you receive unparalleled design services. No templated designs. Truly tailored designs to suit your unique needs. 

Plus, we have a team of designers with experience in a vast majority of industry verticals. So we don’t need to sit and wait around for you to explain your business to us. Chances are we’ve already worked for someone else from your niche. And that’s why we have a good hang of what designs do wonders in your domain.

That means more impactful designs without having to take the time to explain the nitty-gritty to us.

Also, with senior designers, the work gets done faster and you can get more output from your unlimited design plan.

But I don’t expect you to trust Ossm.Design to bring your creative visions to life without proof. 

That’s why I’ll be walking you through a rundown of Design pickle vs. Ossm.Design

Alternate: If you believe it only when you see it, explore our previous work here.


Comparing with Confidence: The Validity of Design Pickle as our competitor

Am I trying to compare Ossm.Design with a random company and show my agency’s expertise? Absolutely not.

I carefully selected Design Pickle as the ideal contender for comparison.


Due to their notable presence and reputation within the design industry. 

I believe in providing my clients with comprehensive and accurate insights. That’s how I help you make informed decisions about your design needs.  

Design Pickle is a respected player in the market. By comparing Ossm.Design with Design Pickle, I aim to showcase the unique strengths and advantages of our services. While offering a fair and credible assessment. 

The goal: Empower you to make confident choices. 


Design pickle vs. Ossm.Design: The Comparison

Below is an overview of Ossm.Design’s unlimited graphic design services with Design Pickle. 

# Basis Of Distinction Ossm.Design Design Pickle
1 Assigned Design Team Yes Yes
2 Turnaround Time 1-2 Days or Less Next Business Day
3 Refunds Available Not required as work Will Be re-iterated till client is satisfied 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
4 Branding Services Yes No
5 What’s included Only graphics, illustrations, and motion design Web design, graphi design, illustrations, and more
6 White Label Design Yes No
7 Advertisement Design Yes Yes, but only with higher-priced plans
8 Logo Design Yes, On Request Yes, On Request
9 Designs For Merchandise Yes, On Request No, not mentioned
10 Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat & Email Support Email Support Only

Now Design Pickle’s design services are great. But I don’t think I need to reiterate that Ossm.Design stands victorious. 

With Ossm.Design, exceptional graphic design is only one part of the deal. You also get web design. 

[That’s not something that Design Pickle or other similar service providers offer. And that pretty much explains their low cost plans] 

You also get a holistic approach to your brand image and market projection.

That’s because we combine the best aspects of a branding agency and a graphic design services company. Thus, delivering a seamless blend of 

✅ Brand management,
✅ Website design
✅ Advertisement design, and
✅ Graphic design services


Curious about Ossm.Design? The answers are right here. 

1. What design file formats are supported by Ossm.Design?

We support popular design file formats. These include JPEG, PNG, AI, PSD, and PDF. With that, we ensure compatibility and flexibility for your design needs.

2. Are there any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements in place? How can I protect my sensitive design information? 

Rest assured, we value confidentiality. And our team is committed to safeguarding your sensitive design information. How do we do it? Through robust non-disclosure agreements.

3. Can I get assistance with design strategy or guidance on creative direction? 

The Ossm.Design team goes beyond design execution. We provide assistance with design strategy and creative direction. This helps you achieve impactful and effective designs.

4. Does Ossm.Design have any provisions for rush or expedited design requests?

When time is of the essence, we understand the urgency. And we can accommodate rush or expedited design requests, subject to availability.

5. Can I white-label Ossm.Design’s services?

Yes, at Ossm.Design, we also offer white-label design services. This allows you to seamlessly integrate our designs as your own. And maintain a consistent brand image while keeping your clients happy.


Parting Wisdom: Harnessing the Unlimited Design Advantage

Want to get the best of your unlimited web & graphic design services from Ossm.Design? 

Here are my 5 insider tips to help you.

1. Plan strategically

  • Clearly define your design needs, objectives, and timelines. This will maximize the effectiveness of your unlimited design services.
  • Outline your design projects and prioritize them based on importance and urgency.
  • Give us comprehensive briefs with clear instructions. Reference materials are welcome. 
  • We also set up eMeets to understand your business. Actively participate in these meetings. It will ensure accurate and timely deliverables.


2. Foster effective communication

  • Stay in touch with our team. Leverage our open lines of communication to connect with your design team. It ensures a smooth collaboration process.
  • Clearly communicate your vision, preferences, and any specific requirements. We are all ears!
  • Provide timely feedback. We are always open to constructive discussions to refine and enhance the designs.


3. Maintain brand consistency

  • Share brand guidelines, color palettes, fonts, and logo specifications with our design team.
  • Provide examples of existing designs or marketing materials. 
  • Also, tell us about your brand and vision. It helps strengthen and maintain cohesive brand identity across all design assets.


4. Embrace experimentation and creativity

  • We have your best interests in mind. Be open to exploring new design concepts and pushing creative boundaries. 
  • Explore our team’s creative ideas and variations to spark fresh perspectives.
  • Explore different design styles, layouts, and visual elements. This will help you discover what resonates best with your target audience.


5. Utilize design assets strategically

  • Leverage the output in various marketing channels.
  • Repurpose designs for different platforms. Social media, websites, email newsletters, and print materials – everything. 
  • Discuss with our team about creating design templates or brand assets. These can be reused (with proper customization!) for future projects. Thus, saving time and effort.


With that you now have:

  • Compared Design pickle vs. Ossm.Design and
  • Gathered enough know-how about unlimited design services.

In conclusion, Ossm.Design emerges as a strong contender and a viable alternative to Design Pickle. Now, it is time to start making the most of the services you are availing. Design excellence awaits you.

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