Designjoy Vs Ossm.Design: A Definitive Answer

Designjoy Vs Ossm.Design - A Definitive Answer

Run a google search for “unlimited design subscriptions”, and you will immediately be smacked in the face with 3 to 5 ads – if you’re lucky.

Among the many design brands vying for your attention amidst this new service boom, I am here to tell you one thing: before Ossm.Design, there has been no unlimited graphic design service, period.

What there has been is simply unlimited graphic production services. What is the difference between the two? Read on.


Design Vs. Graphic Services

Where a particular company claims that it provides clients with “unlimited design subscriptions” or with “unlimited design services”, all that they do is take the following steps:

  1. Take an exceedingly small and detailed-less description of your company from you.
  2. Send this description to a team of designers.
  3. These designers are the ones who take your requests.

Now, the problems with this (very popular) model are that for one, the designers are not familiar (or interested) in building your brand at all. 

They have deadlines to meet, for you and for other clients, which is why all they are interested in is meeting their advertised design turnaround times.

Add to that the fact that these team members are usually on a rota, this translates to rather inconsistent designs.

Long Story Short: 95% of the existing players in the unlimited design subscriptions market are simply agencies that take small blurbs about your business from you, and agree to provide you with unlimited graphic production, not unlimited graphic design.

They are not interested in furthering your brand because their constituent team members know that sooner or later, they will be shifted to a different project.

This is the situation that I want to remedy through Ossm.Design’s design services; wherein the aim is to provide a bespoke graphic design service that will cover all of a clients needs, and one that is truly unlimited.

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Unlimited Design Services Vs. In-House Designers

According to reports by Glassdoor, Indeed, and PayScale, the average salary of a professional, full-time, in-house graphic designer will hover somewhere around $80,000 per annum, and this can quickly climb to over $110,000 as the experience of the concerned designer climbs.

Also, a major drawback of having a full-time graphic designer is that you will never always have work for the graphic designer.

This effectively means that your company will be paying a designer a lot of money for work that they are not actually doing, which I think you will agree is not the best utilization of resources.

Here is where a branding agency or a graphic design agency comes into play – many offer tiered subscription plans that are priced on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

By picking up one of these plans, you can essentially “play and pause” your design team. That is, you can start and stop your subscription as and when you need these services for your company.

On another note, if you know for sure that you will need an extended period of designing, you also have the option to scoop up a plan that spans a longer term, i.e. quarterly or annually.

A major plus point for such longer plans is that they always come with significant savings – at least they do with Ossm.Design Unlimited Design Services.


Design joy Vs. Ossm.Design Unlimited Design Services

Let us see how the Ossm.Design unlimited graphic design services plans compare to those of similar agencies with the same offerings in the market.

For the comparison, we have chosen the closest similar company that could be found, named Design joy

Here is a table highlighting the salient features between the two design services companies at a glance:

# Basis Of Distinction Ossm.Design Designjoy
1 Starting Price Point USD 1,999/- Per Month USD 4,995/- Per Month
2 Assigned Design Team Yes No, Single Person
3 Turnaround Time Two (Business) Days Or Less Two (Business) Days Or Less
4 Refunds Available No, Work Will Be re-iterated till the client is satisfied. No.
5 Webflow Design Yes, additional custom charge based on requirements. Yes, additionally chargeable at USD 999, base design plan needed.
6 Branding Services Yes No
7 White Label Design Yes No
8 Advertisement Design Yes No
9 Logo Design Yes, On Request Yes, On Request
10 Designs For Merchandise Yes, On Request No Information Available


As you can see, (I hope), Ossm.Design unlimited design services is clearly the way to go. 

The comparison has taken into account the best and most viable competitor, for want of a better term that is in the market, and you can see the stellar difference between the two.

That, in essence, is Ossm.Design’s policy: To go the extra mile to help clients not only with their graphic design, but also with their brand image, and ultimately, their market projection.

Thus, I guess you can say that Ossm.Design is the best-case cross between a branding agency and a graphic design services company.

With Ossm.Design, you get the best of both worlds, with a healthy mix of brand management, website design, advertisement design, and graphic design services.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I am not satisfied with the design?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the design that is presented to you, the design will be reiterated at your request an unlimited number of times, until you do like it.

2. Why is there no refund policy available? 

Due to the nature of the products we deliver on (purely digital products), we cannot issue refunds because the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of the products we design are transferred to you the minute you receive the design. This is why we have our “design re-iteration until satisfaction policy”, but no refunds.

3. What is the maximum number of requests that I can make?

There is none! With us, you can create an unlimited chain of design requests, that will be acted on one by one until one of the following situations arises:

  • The requests chain is delivered in full to your satisfaction.
  • You pause or stop your subscription.
  • Your subscription expires.



In a nutshell, I have attempted to describe the benefits of having a made-to-tailor graphic design services company at your disposal.

Among the many offerings on the internet, Ossm.Design is one of the few that actually delivers on its promise of offering a truly unlimited graphic design services subscription.

Ossm.Design offers unmatched and highly competitive pricing in addition to a host of other benefits and also numerous add-on services that will all come together to not only give you amazing graphic design, but that will also build your brand with you.

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