How Unlimited design services changing the Industry

How Unlimited design services changing the Industry

You must have come across the phrase “unlimited design services” when looking for a graphic designer.

Unlimited design services have emerged as a highly affordable solution.

Graphics design is something a business can’t do without in this digital world.

It’s necessary for creating a brand and logo, a website, and a digital marketing campaign.

From site owners to marketing agencies, everyone needs design services.

Simply put, unlimited design services mean you get as many designs and revisions as you want in a month and pay a subscription fee.

Usual fees hover between $300 and $600 with each company offering several tiers with added advantages.

Businesses have to pay $70000 for a top tier designer


Why Do You Need Unlimited Design Services?

The benefits of such a scheme are obvious.

The base pay of a graphic designer in the US is about $22/hour. Assuming they work 40 hours per week, the annual salary will be ($22 x 40 x 52 weeks) $45700.

Add benefits such as health insurance, 401k, paid vacation, and sick time and the number balloons to $55000.

Do you know the price of a top-tier all-inclusive plan? It’s a very reasonable $2200 or $26400 annually.

That is less than half and you have an entire team of designers working for you and an account manager who acts as the liaison.

Graphic designer salary in United States

Average pay for graphic designers is soaring 



Five Reasons Why Unlimited Design Services Changing the Industry

A few years ago, the standard approach was to employ a graphic designer or find a freelancer from Upwork or Fiverr.

But that has changed considerably, with more businesses opting for unlimited design services.

What has led to this change, and why is this trend dominating the industry?


1. Saves Time

When it comes to business, time is money.

You can’t wait endlessly to launch a new social media campaign because the freelancer you employed is surfing in the Adriatic.

The marketing plan has to proceed relentlessly. To make it a success, the graphic designer or design team needs to be present when you need them.

When you buy unlimited design services, you get a 1-2 day guarantee. Maybe there needs to be editing and modifications that take another 2 days. Within 4 days or fewer than 100 hours, you have what you need in your hand.

Most design companies employ large teams and if one designer is not available, other steps in his place. A little briefing by the team manager and they are good to go.

Whatever happens, your marketing campaign gets underway on D-Day.


2. Quick Delivery

This is what really sets apart unlimited design services. Your dedicated team has its own designer, animation artist, and art director.

What you send gets done in a day.

You can stack your work in the order you want:


  • 4 display ads
  • 2 GIFs
  • 5 social media graphics
  • 2 infographics

Once you have placed them in the pipeline (with the briefing and style guides) the designers would start work as soon as possible.

Within a week, they will complete it all. What you send back for editing would be delivered in 3-5 days.

There is no way that a full-time graphic designer or a freelancer can match this output.

You pay less for more work.

This is the main reason unlimited design services are trending.

Typical unlimited designs plans

Typical unlimited designs plans



3. Better Quality 

The huge disadvantage with freelancers is that at times they produce work of dreadful quality.

Of course, that gets edited, but time is lost. If you need to spend more time for better quality, you have already lost.

Freelancers have multiple clients and might place others on a priority sometimes (because of higher hourly pay and larger contract size). You pay what they ask but cannot get their full attention. Not a fair trade.

It takes time to decide what is wrong and create a brief with an explanation. It takes even more time to share a Zoom call and urge them to expedite the process.

With unlimited design services, you have no worries. The dedicated account manager takes care of quality. If not, there are plenty of team members and the edit happens swiftly.

There is no stress, since the process has been mapped and refined for efficiency. After all, the agency also wants the designers to do more work without significant errors. Therefore, you have access to a more disciplined workforce.


4. Better Expertise

Graphic design is an all-encompassing term like a business manager. There are an enormous number of specializations, such as UI/UX design, website design, package design, advertising graphic design, publication design, packaging design, and so on.

The designer who creates the concept for a box of chocolates will not be the one marketing it on social media.

When you use unlimited design services, you have access to specialists.

This can never happen with a full-time employee or a couple of freelancers.

You tap into more expertise.

Agencies offering unlimited design services have training courses and employees are always up to date with new software and design principles.

A cohort of designers will always triumph over an individual designer. They have more years combined than any one person. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

graphic design services price comparison

Design costs are increasing 


5. Professional Service

You get what you pay for.

Mom and pop outfits are out. Sad but true. 

We have become used to ordering from Costco and receiving delivery after 4 hours through Instacart.

The world is in a hurry and demands six sigma performances at all times, even at midnight.

That level of work can only be delivered by unlimited design services from a competent agency.

After all, they depend on your satisfaction to rope in other clients.

That is why they are affordable, reliable, and deliver on time.

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Do You Offer Unlimited Design Services?

At Ossm.Design we are one of the best in the business.

Perhaps we charge slightly more, but the service we offer in return is flawless.

We do not stop at being okay or even good. We aim to be the best and deliver projects on time.

Please call us and we shall be able to better describe why and how we can do something groundbreaking for you.

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