Is subscription-based design service good for my business?

Is subscription-based design service good for my business

“Unlimited Design” is a phrase that we will be hearing a lot more in the time to come, because it is the latest trend in the graphic design and visual design space. 


Because unlimited design promises more, for less. Read on to understand exactly what I mean by that.

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After reading this article in its entirety, you will take away the following:

  • Businesses And Unlimited Design
  • What Are Unlimited Design Services/ Subscriptions?
  • Can Unlimited Design Services Help Your Business?
  • Pros Of Unlimited Design Services
  • My Final Thoughts On Unlimited Design

Businesses And Unlimited Design

At some point in their life cycle, there is an extremely high probability that a business has collaborated with a designer or design service. 

This could have been for something like the design of their logo, banner designing, social media posts, or for other design needs.

Statistically, you only have a very limited time in which you can grab a person’s attention, especially in this internet day and age. 

This is where having a good designer can tip the scales in your favor: catchy designs tend to stay in people’s minds.

An emerging trend that many businesses are opting into is to subscribe to unlimited design services. 

A growing number of enterprises are choosing these unlimited design subscription services because they save a whole lot of money.

Why is this the situation, you may ask? 

Well, the fact is that brands need a lot of other visual design elements that would be much more effective if they were tailored to the brand. 

These “other elements” that I mentioned include things like the following:

  1. Social media posts and/ or stories (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.),
  2. Brochures (both for print and for the internet),
  3. Banners (For both advertising and non-advertising content),
  4. Business Logos and adaptations/ variations for custom use,
  5. Other imagery and visual elements.


What Are Unlimited Design Services?

Sometimes called “Unlimited Design Subscription(s)”, these services are basically a business model wherein a graphic designer, or a team of graphic designers will take care of all of your graphic design needs for a monthly fee.

You can make an unlimited number of “requests” which are basically orders, like the ones you make at a restaurant. 

The “menu” in this particular restaurant will include things like:

  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Motifs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Watermarks, and a whole lot more.

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All you need to do to get what you want is place an order, and then your graphic designer (or graphic design team – depending on your level of subscription) will work to deliver the finished product to you at the earliest.  

Most unlimited design subscription(s) have also begun to offer “maximum turnaround times” — which range between three to five days.

Translation: most unlimited design subscription(s) will also give you a maximum timeframe within which you will receive your order.

These unlimited design models have shown themselves to be very competitively priced compared to the markets 

For instance, can you imagine paying a freelancer for every design element that you need for your business, or can you imagine the even costlier option of having a full-time graphic designer on your team?


Can Unlimited Design Services Help Your Business?

According to data tabulated from across Indeed,, PayScale, GlassDoor, and, the average graphic designer, in-house and full-time, makes about USD 65,000 every year, on average.

Even the bottom quartile designers make about USD 48,000 each year

And with average prices per graphic design project hovering in the USD 50 to USD 200 range, it is definitely worth looking into an unlimited design subscription based service.

This unlimited design model will let you get a lot more value for a fraction of what it would cost you to have your graphic design needs met on a per-project basis.

Put simply, if you pay your graphic designers anywhere near those amounts, then you can save a lot of costs by subscribing to an unlimited design service.


Pros Of Unlimited Design Services

Below, I have tabulated some of the best pros of unlimited design services:

# Particulars Benefit For Your Business
1 Consistency Working with the same graphic design team across time will give your brand and business a uniform look, because of the consistent design sense that your team will have.
2 Time With the current quagmire of graphic design freelancers and professionals available to anyone with an internet connection, it is hard to sort through and properly vet a candidate. With unlimited design services, the graphic designer already has proven their efficiency.
3 Cost The cost of per-project graphic design varies with complexity, but with unlimited design subscriptions, one can get multiple complex projects made for fractions of the price they would have usually taken on a per-project graphic design basis.
4 Brand Value Having a design team that is ready to make you unlimited design material at the drop of a hat will work wonders in building your brand image, which is invaluable in the long run.
5 Variety An unlimited design subscription gives you access to a team that can, more often than not, make everything — from simple motifs to complex animations, all for a very reasonable monthly price. Of course, for more complex graphic design(s), you will have to wait a reasonable amount of time, but a service like the one I’m describing would still be faster than freelance work.

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Final Thoughts

Unlimited design services or subscriptions are a tool of unfathomable power for a business.

Like all other tools, how well they work for you will depend on how well you can use the tool.

Tying up your design team with, say, animation projects before logo and social media post design will leave everyone frustrated, but if you get minor projects out of the way at the beginning of the month and leave the heavy lifting for later, the journey will be all sunshine and rainbows.

That said, you have reached the end of this article, but fret not, I’ll see you in the next post, with even better information and content.

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